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Things to consider

Here are some pertinent questions to ask before you begin your thermoplastic project:

  • What will be the ultimate use of your part?
  • In what environment will it be used?
  • Will it be used indoors or outdoors?
  • Does it need to be supple or rigid?
  • What type of finish do you want on the surface?
  • What are the dimensions of the finished product?
  • What is the desired thickness?
  • Does the part need to have specific mechanical, chemical or thermal properties?
  • Does the part need to be dimensionally stable?
  • Will the part be subjected to abrasion or impact?
  • Does the part need to comply with any safety standards for flammability, food or other legal requirements?
  • Do you have a sample of your part?
  • Are there any existing drawings, sketches, 2D or 3D of your part?
  • What will the annual volume, the quantity per order and the frequency of your orders be?

All of these points will influence the choice of the most suitable material, the type of molds and, by extension, the manufacturing cost.

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